Oprah Winfrey Slaps Andy Cohen, Talks Whitney Houston Interview & More On ‘WWHL’ (VIDEO)


After DAYS of counting down to what he called the #Oprahcalypse, Bravo TV head honcho Andy Cohen‘s dream was finally realized last night as he interview the always magnificent….OPRAH WINFREY!!!

During the chat, Andy was his bubbly, charming and funny self (GOOD JOB, Andy!) as he navigated through questions with the talks show queen about everything her from role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, interviewing the late Whitney Houston, and they even played some of the funny Watch What Happens Live games!

Oprah, like always, was her calm, easy going and confident self! Whenever she is interviewed (or is doing the interviewing), she appears so easy to talk to. LOVE HER! Get into a few of the show clips below:

One thought on “Oprah Winfrey Slaps Andy Cohen, Talks Whitney Houston Interview & More On ‘WWHL’ (VIDEO)

  1. LAdy O is such a good sport, i just love her…did yall see how auntie got into character like that

    O got a potty mouth, when her and Gayle tossing the tea I bet they are just like us
    Stedman shld have been behind the bar..shit wld have been EPIC

    Y did Andy do his hands like, is that to brace himself , Andy stop it or call Miley for lessons man lol …I just want to put on record that If Oprah wld have twerked I wld planned my OWN funeral b/c there wld have been NOTHING else for me to live for

    Aww she cldnt choose between her BFF or Stedman..which one will feel some sorta way
    Y don’t she wanna marry the Sted-mister..i think they are secretly married …I guess everyone doesn’t want to be a bride..i wonder if he wants to

    Andy is smitten

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