New Music Video: Toni Braxton “I Heart You”

The GORGEOUS Toni Braxton slowly but surely is making her return to the music industry with her latest effort in the dance track, “I Heart You”.

And now the petite mother of two and multiple GRAMMY winner just dropped the visual for her first single which was directed by veteran Billie Woodruff.

I REALLY miss Toni’s music! Hopefully her upcoming album will remind us all why she is one of the greats! Get into the vid above and post your thoughts!

414 thoughts on “New Music Video: Toni Braxton “I Heart You”

  1. Ok the song is ok..I can see myself bobbin to it after a couple rotations lol..the video could have been better she was fuggin me up I was like T you gone be long or short boo boo
    but she definately get +10 for boyfriend .. I dont even like liteskin but the bawdyyyyyy on that one whewwww!!! ahahahaha

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