New Music Video: Keyshia Cole “Trust And Believe”


One thing is for sure and two things are for certain…Lady Cole will ALWAYS  give you a ghetto As The World Turns story line in her videos! Am I mad? Not One Bit! It’s the “Oakland” in her…

Here is Keyshia Cole‘s newest music video for “Trust and Believe”, which is the second single from her forthcoming Woman to Woman album.

In the vid, directed by Benny Boom, Keyshia is totally betrayed by her best friend, played by “The Game” actress Tae Heckard, and boyfriend, played by “Boss” actor Rotimi.

Also, make sure to check out the dramatic ending of the vid!

9 thoughts on “New Music Video: Keyshia Cole “Trust And Believe”

  1. That bytch can sangggggggggggggg!!!! LUV the video..hell minus the car crash u throw in a house fire, some blood and a couple stitches Keyshis was u at my house back in tha 90′s ahahhahaha!!!! Yes I did type first husband still havin flash backs WAT….

  2. LMAO AT kg… can def be therapy for you no worries..this is a no judgement zone but ur ass is cray lol

    now let me speak on my girl Keyshia COle she is soo hood and she cant even help it lmao but yes she can sang

    damn She rolled up ont hat bitch hahahahaha..maam y r u outside in the rain is it suppose to be for dramatics girl bye

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