Kris Humphries Ex Blasts Kim Kardashian For Cheating On Reggie Bush With Kanye West

Seriously. Why are we still talking about this?!?!? Didn’t Amber Rose already reveal this some time ago? Along with rapper Consequence? I mean, Kim and Kanye West are expecting a baby, and Reggie Bush has a baby girl as well…I don’t see what purpose this serves, other than to further promote your “messy-ness”. *soft sigh*

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Amanda Bynes To Rihanna: “Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough” + Rihanna Hits Back!

What in the PHUCKITY-PHUCK is wrong with this woman?!?!? Not only has her behavior been erratic and questionable as of late, now it appears she has started to blindly attack people via social networking sites.

And her new target is Rihanna! (Oh, but Mizz Bynes….you are messing with THE WRONG PERSON barking up this tree! this ain’t what ya want)

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