Believe It Or Not Dancers, We’re Still Recovering From Coachella…..

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It has literally taken us this whole time to recover from Week 1 of Coachella 2018……

From Beyonce literally setting the stage on fire (we woke up the next day thinking, “was that a dream? did we die? are we currently in heaven?”), to Cardi B paying homage to TLC and twerking with a growing baby in her tummy, to dancing like we were still in college – without a care in the world – to HAIM, to still being in shock by how athletic rapper Belly is with all of his dancing and acrobatic moves (he honestly did about 27 high kicks during his performance – we counted)….it’s a real wonder how we’re actually breathing now.

All that to say, COACHELLA WAS FUN AF AND KICK OUR ASS!!!!! But, we’re back to bringing you our commentary on these crazy celebs we have a love/hate relationship with.

(posting will be slower than normal this week. *runs and hides*)

Image: Twitter