Chelsea Handler Burns Tomi Lahren Over Her & Donald Trump’s “Caravan” Of Immigrants Comments!

We wholeheartedly respect the First Amendment (I mean, this here is a blog for goodness sake!), but some people *cough, cough: Trump and Lahren* are testing us….

In our next “Hey, look at me!” segment, Tomi Lahren desperately wants our attention again. So, let’s give it to her…

The conservative commentator took to Twitter on Wednesday to comment on Trump’s ignorant tweets about “the big caravan of people from Honduras” that “are heading here (U.S.).”

“I have an idea!” Lahren wrote. “Welcome this immigrant caravan in on ONE condition: we pitch them a tent city outside the lavish homes of Kimmel, Baldwin, Handler, and Zuckerberg. You fund them, feed them and police them. Deal?”

Well, the always spicy Chelsea Handler issued a reply to the often misinformed and idiotic young woman and wrote “Thanks for the idea, @TomiLahren… But my house is big enough for everyone. No need to pitch tents outside.”

You tell her, Lady Handler!

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