Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks About How She Raises Her Son Jack, The Age Of Social Media & More With Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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THE FACE, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, is featured on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia‘s latest cover!

Check out what the 31-year-old model/actress shared with the mag + her beautiful spread below:

On raising her son Jack: “I think it’s so much about raising boys and girls the same. I love the book by Chimamanda Ngozi, ‘We Should All Be Feminists.’ I saw her TED talk and it was very inspiring. It’s about raising girls and boys with the same values; communication and respect. That’s how I was brought up, it’s how the people I love were brought up, and they are the values I hope to instil in my loved ones. You can’t just wear one hat in life. Well, at least for me, anyway. I feel lucky to have gotten this far with my work and I’m still enjoying it.”

On the social media era: “I’m really pleased I lived pre-all of this. I have my teenage years, my early twenties. I was wild and out there, I was doing my thing and there was no social media, there was no paparazzi. I had those years to be free. Everyone is taking pictures now and it’s so funny for me to see a 10-year-old girl who knows how to pose…I think it can be cringe-worthy.”

On her advice to young female models: “Not to compromise! This is your career. Unfortunately, when women are tough, they’re deemed as difficult. When they have an opinion, they’re deemed as being tricky to work with, or when they’re strong and speaking firmly, they’re a b***h, and I think that’s really disappointing. I know men don’t get that. Men are tough and it’s like, ‘Oh, we respect him as a businessman.’ There’s this sense that you can’t be feminine and tough at the same time and I think that’s incredibly sexist.”

On the modeling industry in light of the #MeToo movement: “There’s definitely been instances where I’ve felt unprotected and moments where I found myself in situations that were uncomfortable. The fashion industry is so relaxed and casual, there’s this expectation on models that the more up for it you are, the better, the further you’ll go along in your career.”


Images: Mariano Vivanco for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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