Blac Chyna Is Dating An 18-Year-Old Rapper Now: “Yeah, We’re Like Dating” (VIDEO)

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Girl. What exactly are you going through???????? The desperation at this point is so damn LOUD!

Via TMZ:

Blac Chyna is apparently following Aaliyah‘s age-old advice on relationships — but is she pushing it with a dude who’s more than 10 years her junior? BC was spotted holding hands Wednesday with 18-year-old TX-born rapper YBN Almighty Jay on date night #2 this week in Studio City. Chyna is 29 years old, BTW … yep. It looks like these 2 definitely got a thing going on here — Chyna confirmed as much by saying they were, like, dating. They also went bowling together the other night. No word on where they were headed this time around, or how fresh this new coupling might be. One thing’s for sure, though … BC doesn’t seem concerned with her sex tape leaks. Ah, what difference does it make when you’re in love? Right?! Well … 11, actually.

Some of you give the wrong people “fame.” And we hate you for it…..

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