Meet Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Baby Girl Sienna!


Dancers, we FINALLY get out first look at the PRECIOUS Lamb of God that is Ciara and Russell Wilson‘s baby girl, Sienna Wilson!

The 9-month-old cutie pie made her debut on the R&B singer and her daddy’s TraceMe app, which also includes behind-the-scenes footage from a mommy-and-me shoot photographed by the NFL quarterback.

“I’m so excited to be opening up my world to you on TraceMe,” Ciara told fans. “You guys know that I tend to be private with a lot of things, but with TraceMe I can have a genuine, unfiltered connection with you all.”

“My motivation for this was to give back for all of your support throughout the years. We now have a special place where you can get to know more about me, and see all the fun things that go on with my music, my family, my fashion and so much more,” she added!

Check out more photos of the mommy-daughter duo below:

She is most certainly daddy’s TWIN! We are melting!!!

Images: Russell Wilson for TraceMe

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  • Locsofcolor

    yes she looks JUST like her daddy.. hey sweet baby