La La Anthony: “Only I Know What’s Going On With My Relationship & That’s What Matters To Me”

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LaLa Anthony looks stunning on the winter edition of Latina magazine!

Check out what the 38-year-old star shared with the mag about her split from husband Carmelo Anthony, her venture into acting and more!

On feeling confident in her skin: “I’m more secure now. I don’t need to be liked by everyone. That was in the beginning and throughout high school too. I just wanted everybody to like me, and then I realized that it’s never going to happen. I’m more accepting of this is who I am—take it or leave it.”


On her transition into acting: “Booking an acting gig is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You get a hundred no’s before you get one yes. People don’t realize that you need a strong backbone to be told no every day. Otherwise, your self-esteem will be shot. The sex scenes are scary, but it’s acting, and it’s what my character (in “Power”) was going through. Keisha fell for the bad boy, and I knew there was no way it was going to end well.”


On her La La Anthony Denim Collection launched at Lord & Taylor: “All extended sizes are the ones that sell the most. Curvy girls want great jeans and tops. So it makes me happy that this partnership with Lord & Taylor is killing it.”


On her marriage to NBA star Carmelo Anthony, after their separation: “When you entertain [rumors] you give them power. Only I know what’s going on with my relationship and that’s what matters to me, not what everybody else thinks. I’m trying to be an example for other women out there. You don’t have to feed into the bullsh*t. Deal with it quietly. When it’s time for the world to know, they’ll know. There’s no strength in playing it out publicly. What am I going to gain from that? I like the high road.”


On how their split has affected their 20-year-old son Kiyan: “It’s hard when your dad doesn’t live in the same place that you live anymore, for any 10-year-old that’s hard. We try to make it as normal as possible and make access to his dad as frequent as possible. They have an incredible bond, and Melo is an incredible dad. They’re always on FaceTime or on the phone planning their next trip.”


Images: Latina

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