Simon Cowell Doesn’t Think Singers Should Be Judging “American Idol” – Find Out Why!

Simon Cowell sat down with TMZ’s own Harvey Levin on his new show Objectified where the former American Idol impresario shared his thoughts on singers serving as judges on the singing competition show.

“You think Madonna wants to find Madonna? You think she wakes up tomorrow morning going, ‘God I’m really hoping the next Madonna comes along and I need to do something about it.'” Cowell asked Harvey. “She’s going ‘no, I want Madonna to be more successful,’ and I totally get that. So when I see them judging these shows it’s like – whoa.”

Harvey went on to ask the America’s Got Talent judge his opinion on Katy Perry joining the judges panel, to which he simply replied “good luck” before bursting out into laughter.


Check it out below:

(begins at the 2:45 mark)

In related news, TMZ is reporting that singers Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will be joining Perry at the judges table, rounding out the full panel. Ryan Seacrest will serve as host.

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