Cardi B Lands Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People Issue: “I Feel Beautiful When Men Think That I Look Beautiful”

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The new “IT GIRL,” Cardi B, is featured as one of PAPER Magazine‘s people who have made an impact in their respective fields for the year.

Check out what the successful rapper shared with the mag about social media, self esteem and much more!

On what makes her feel most beautiful: “Somebody asked me before, when do I feel the most beautiful, and I told them, ‘I feel beautiful when men think that I look beautiful,’ and everybody was upset because they told me that I shouldn’t let men make me feel like I’m beautiful. But do you guys want me to lie to you? When a man tells me that I look good and appealing, that’s when I feel great. I don’t miss dancing but I do miss the fact that when I was performing, I had the richest of the richest men, drug dealers, scammers, doctors, lawyers, oozing for me. They wanted to give me money because I looked good. That’s how I know I’m freaking beautiful, because people are paying me because I’m beautiful.”


On how social media affects her self esteem: “Being famous people try to tear you down. A lot of people tell me that I’m ugly every single day on social media and it puts my self-esteem down sometimes because I am a woman and it hurts our feelings when people call us ugly, but then I remember that everybody I’ve ever wanted I got. Men used to give me money because of my looks; if I was ugly no one would spend a dollar on me in the strip club.”


On success: “I don’t even know what success means anymore because I feel like I’m not successful enough. Every single time that I set a goal and I accomplish the goal, I feel like it’s not good enough. I’m only telling you the truth. At first I wanted to make a certain amount of money, then I made that amount of money, and that wasn’t enough. Then I always wanted to be a respected artist; now I’m getting respected but I still want more. Maybe you’re just never fully satisfied.”


On why she can be negative about herself and circumstances: “It’s just the way I am, I guess. I feel like there’s always a catch or something. ‘Things are too good, what’s going on?’ Maybe it’s something that I need to stop doing, but I always like to prepare myself for the worse.”


On advice she would give young women who want to break in the industry: “Do what works for you. Don’t do what other people do and then think it’s going to work for you, because it might not. What worked for me, it might not work for you. What worked for me was stripping. Stripping got me my first apartment, stripping got me my boobs done, stripping fed me for a very long time. But it might not do the same thing for you baby girl. Find a way for you and always save money. Don’t get distracted by men. I spent a lot of time and money bailing men out. I almost went broke, getting lawyers for men. I quit college chasing a man. Don’t stop because of a man.”


Images: Eric T. White for Paper

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