Angelina Jolie On Her Six Children: “I Hope They See The Value Of Diversity And The Value Of Other People”

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Angelina Jolie is one dedicated momma to her six children. In fact, her hope for them is to continue to explore their own individual passions while still showing empathy for others around them.

“I hope they’re being raised to see the value of diversity, the value of other people. They ask the questions we’re all asking. They see what’s happening in Syria or in Myanmar and they ask why, and we’re all trying to find the same answers,” the actress said during a recent interview at the Toronto Film Festival this week. “I will look for all different ways to communicate about their histories and really to teach them.”

“We homeschool and I’m very very aware of their education, mostly very aware of what’s lacking. For example it’s very important to me my daughter Zahara doesn’t start learning about her history through the civil rights movement in America, that’s not how she begins to learn about herself as a young African-American,” she continued. “She needs to learn about the great history of Africa and who she is…and not start with the civil rights (movement).”


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