Kim Kardashian Takes To Snapchat To Defend Jeffree Star’s Past Racist Remarks – Faces Backlash! (VIDEO)

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Oh, Kimmy….what you doin’, girl?

Kim Kardashian is facing a bit of backlash after she took to Snapchat with a mini-rant regarding makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star.

Kim has been promoting her new KKW Beauty Powder & Contour Highlight Kit, and decided to show off some of the swatches to fans on Instagram yesterday. Jeffree, who has a cordial and friendly relationship with the reality star, was jokingly throwing shade at Kim’s swatches on Twitter, and Kim’s fans immediately started dragging him and bringing up the racist comments he’s said in the past (Google them….they’re pretty disgusting). Jeffree has since apologized for the ugly remarks, but still continues to face people who boycott his products and brand.

Kim, who also has a bit of a checkered past of her own with his infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J, defended Jeffree against her fans saying that people can change, especially if they have come to terms with their wrongdoings and have apologized. She also made clear that she is not condoning his remarks, but wants us all to move forward and not bash folks for their past.

Check out Kim’s remarks below:

Hmmmmm. Because he apologized for his racist remarks in the past doesn’t make him any less racist, Kimmy….

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