Today’s Phrase That Pays Goes To…

Queen Latifah on Remy Ma‘s “ShETHER” diss record towards Nicki Minaj and the state of female hip-hop:

I was in Switzerland when the record came out. Missy [Elliott] sent me that like, ‘Yo, you heard that?’ [……..] It was so good. Let me tell you something: I support females in hip-hop. I always have, I always will. There is room for all of us. And nobody to my knowledge, that’s younger than me, invented this. So, you don’t get to claim it, you don’t get to rule it. This is all of ours. My name is “Queen,” so what am I supposed to get into it with everybody that’s throwing  the “queen” thing around? I mean, come on. It’s stupid. I’m not going there with that. All I care about is that feamles who rap get get to have their records played, their voices get to be heard. Because for a minute, it was like nothing. Nicki was like the only one practically. And that was never cool with me. I was like, ‘what about everybody else?’ This can’t be a movement; we can’t keep this thing going with one person. We need a bunch of us

(begins at 27:00 minute mark)


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