Listen To Katy Perry’s New Song “Swish Swish” Ft. Nicki Minaj (Safe To Say This Is The Taylor Swift Diss Track)


Sidebar – this single artwork is SHAAADE!

Sidebar (2) – I’m pretty sure this song will go AWWWWWF in the club!

Katy Perry just released ANOTHER song off her forthcoming album Witness, and this time hip-hop star Nicki Minaj joins her on the track titled “Swish Swish.”

And Dancers I’m usually not the betting type (ya know, I like to preserve my “ends”), but I’m pretty sure Lady Perry is taking shots at arch-nemesis Taylor Swift, ya know…..for that whole “Bad Blood” debacle.

“You’re calculated. I got your number, ‘Cause you’re a joker. And I’m a courtside killer queen. And you will kiss the ring,” Katy sings on the track.


Check it out below:

Naturally, some of Tay-Tay’s friend swiftly came to her defense after the single dropped. One in particular was Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose.

“‘Purposeful poop’ to ‘bomb a petit’ to a sloppy mess of writing over the top of Funkagenda..stop trying to make ‘Wit..I mean ‘fetch’ happen,” Rose tweeted in response to the new track. “I just think with everything going on in the world to go from rebranding as political activist only to ditch it and go low.. is.. a bummer.”

The claws are officially out!

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  • Trachelle Carr

    HA!! LOVE IT!! I’ve actually loved everything thus far from this album:)