*UPDATED* Will Phaedra Parks Return To The RHOA Next Season After The Explosive Reunion? Here’s What She Had To Say!

Part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion wrapped Sunday with an explosive bombshell that Phaedra Parks LIED HER FACE OFF about arch-nemesis Kandi Burruss wanting to drug and rape Porsha Williams.

Sidebar –Dancers, how happy are you that you didn’t wake up as Lady Parks this morning?

The emotionally charged reunion left us with many tears, lots of screaming, acts of betrayal, and Phaedra being exposed as a HUGE LIAR this season. Not only did the lawyer use her good “friend” Porsha as a pawn to hurt (both personally and professionally) Burruss, but the reunion begs the question if Parks will even return for another season on the hit Bravo show? Will her law license be in jeopardy? Parks explained she thinks “everything happens for a reason.”

“What’s meant to happen will happen,” Parks said exclusively to PEOPLE before last night’s episode aired. “They say you’re set up to step up for the next thing, right? I know that I’m fortunate. I know that good things happen to me because I have my feet on frugal ground. I can’t regret anything, but I know it was destined to happen.”

Phaedra, I love you, but…….GIRL!

“I would love to continue [on the show],” she said. “Obviously the show documents your journey, and every journey has its ups and downs.”

“It’s not always accurate, of course,” she added. “But for the moments that they capture something that’s real — like being a mom, helping someone out, having a very sensitive moment on television that turns into something beautiful — that’s the legacy that counts when it comes to reality TV. The moments that change people’s lives.”

Bravo confirmed to PEOPLE that no casting decisions have been made yet, but Parks says that, if offered, she’d want to come back to the show.

So Dancers, what say you: should Phaedra come back or do you want her gone???


According to E!, sources reveal Phaedra Parks WILL NOT return for Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “While Bravo had no comment, the casting shakeup comes just after the fourth and final part of the season nine reunion aired, with a source telling us producers have decided not to have the 43-year-old lawyer return for season 10.”

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  • Trachelle Carr

    I don’t think the other ladies (old or new) would’ve been willing to film with her for next season. AND although, this was great drama for tv, I think Phaedra is too much of a liability for Bravo at this point.