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Nick Cannon on his twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott:

“I don’t want my kids to be entertainers. But they have it. They’re little hams — they see a microphone, they run for it. I want some astronauts! Some heart surgeons! Can a Cannon get to space? If they want to be entertainers, God bless ’em. It’s gonna be easy for them to be entertainers. I think as a parent, you want to encourage trying and effort, and putting hard work to the test to show something you can actually accomplish. So if it is entertainment, I’m gonna put ’em through it. I’m gonna make sure, one, school gotta be right — ‘If you want to be a singer, sing in the choir at school. If you want to be an actor, act in a school play first. Go through that process that every kid has to go through.’ They’re already telling me, ‘Daddy, we’re famous. We’re famous, Daddy.’ [I say] ‘You ain’t no damn famous, put your seat belt on and be quiet.’”



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