Anthony Anderson: “My Mother Taught Me How To Go Downtown” (VIDEO)

*grabs q-tip….cleans out ears* EXCUUUUUSE ME???????

Anthony Anderson paid a visit to TBS’ Conan Wednesday where he was quite forthcoming about how open his mother was about the topic of sex.

“I’ll just cut to the chase: My mother taught me how to go downtown,” the Black-ish said. “My mama taught me how to eat the cookie. Oral sex, Conan! Oral sex.”

My Heavens…..

He then proceeded to tell a story about how his mom showed off her “very extensive video collection” to his friends and their girlfriends in his 20s so that they could pick up a few tricks. “She would put the videos on and go into graphic detail as to what was happening on the video and what either me, my brothers or the young ladies should be doing.”

Conan proceeded to ask what the motivation was behind Anderson’s mother teaching them this skill. “My father didn’t know how to eat p*ssy,” Anderson replied, “so she said, ‘I will be damned if I send my three boys out in the world not knowing how to do that, so it is my duty as a woman to teach you to do this properly, because your daddy didn’t know what he was doing.'”

WHAT IN THE PHUCKITY-PHUCK!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Check out the hysterical and awkward moment below:

I’m in tears!!! LMAO…..

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