Heather Dubrow Has Announced She’s Leaving RHOOC!

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The relationship between The Real Housewives of Orange County and Heather Dubrow has come to an end.

The actress turned reality star has deiced to exit the popular Bravo series after five series!

“After a lot of careful thought and deliberation, I have decided not to return to RHOC this season,” Heather writes to Entertainment Tonight, in part. “These past five years have been an incredible journey and I’m so proud to have been a part of such an iconic piece of pop culture … However, at this point in my life, I have decided to go in another direction and do what’s best for my family and career.”

“I’m really grateful for everything that Housewives has given me,” Heather told ET. “But I have to say, given the climate of what’s going on with the cast, I would probably have to think about it a little bit. My knee-jerk reaction [is] I want to come back, yes. I would absolutely love to come back for season 12.”

The mother of four initially revealed the news her PodcastOne show, Heather Dubrow’s World.

“If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to not come back, it wasn’t an easy decision,” Heather explains. “You know, it’s hard to walk away from something, first of all, that’s been successful for five years, and truly has given us so much. But I just feel like, right at this particular point in time, a couple of things [changed my mind].”

“First of all, my kids,” she continues. “My oldest kids are now teenagers, and I just felt like they need to make their own decision about being on television and exposing their lives, and for me personally, I have some really cool, interesting opportunities that I want to explore. I don’t know where they’re going to go, but I want the opportunity to explore them.”

So, does that mean we don’t get to see Chateau Dubrow??? I hope not!

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