Time Magazine Commemorates The Women’s March On Their February 2017 Cover!

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Donald Trump was named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year  back in December 2016. And instead of celebrating his inauguration with another cover, the respected publication made the brave decision of highlighting the necessary and all important Women’s March on their February 2017 cover that shook the nation and sent a clear message to Trump and his Administration last weekend.

The Women’s March, even in its striking success, offered more in the way of catharsis than clarity. Its full statement of principles runs more than 1,000 words and includes issues ranging from reproductive rights to gender justice, from the minimum wage to immigration reform, from clean water to criminal profiling to arming police with military-grade weaponry. It’s hard to distill a complicated platform into concrete change when your organizing principle–“intersectional feminism,” a jargony mouthful–opposes elevating any one person’s goals over another’s.

“WE did this! #WomensMarch,” the official Instagram of the Women’s March captioned the above cover.

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