LaLa Kent Exits ‘Vanderpump Rules’: “They Disgust Me To My Core”

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Vanderpump Rules has lost one of it’s stellar cast mates! LaLa Kent, the sexually fluid 24-year-old that EVERYONE hated, has decided to PEACE OUT from the popular Bravo reality series mid-season.

“I’m excited for people to watch me exit because it’s just going to show a new side of my life and I think it will get to show people who I really am,” Kent told TooFab exclusively. “I watch the show sometimes and I’m like that’s not me. I want people to see who I actually hang out with, my day-to-day life. And I never got to show that. I’m excited for people to watch me leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’ to be quite honest.”

But Kent assured the public this won’t be the last we see of her.  “I made it halfway through the season and just decided that I want no part of the people anymore,” she revealed. “I feel like they don’t deserve to be in my world in any way shape or form. So I dismissed myself.”

As for rumors on the show that she’s dating a married many, the reality claims that is a total lie.

“I can say it’s been a strain on me and my real-life boyfriend, because I had to deal with it throughout the season and going to him and complaining about it … was absolutely horrible,” she revealed. “But now we’re having to relive it again.”

And when asked if they’re still together, Lala said, “Absolutely.”

“And he did tell me that if it ever got to the point where I would need him to step up to squash things that he would. But my goal is to protect his child and the mother of his child, who is a close friend of mine. And I’m sorry, I’m a strong ass woman,” she added. “I’m not breaking for anybody. I’m not dating a married man, I do have a boyfriend and no one will ever know who he is until I feel like we’re in that place…because he’s a well-known individual. So I’m not putting him on blast like that.”

LaLa, girl. I guess….

She even took the opportunity to blast former co-star Schena Marie for publicizing her estranged husband’s drug addiction.

“I thought it was disgusting that Scheana put Mike’s addiction out there. I would never in my life feel like that was for the public,” the “Feeling You” Kent tells Us. “I think it’s disgusting that she put it out there that she had been sleeping with someone that had a pregnant wife. I just think the show is disgusting and I’m not going to bash on production, I’m not going to bash on the show itself, but the people that are apart of it disgust me to my core.”

Good luck with your “acting” and “singing” career.

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  • Trachelle Carr

    BYE LaLa!! No one cares. We didn’t want you on the show anyway.