Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Has Quite The Rap Sheet: 4 Arrests Within The Last Year!

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SMH! Ladies, this, too, can happen to you if you don’t properly VET these people. Take your time before inviting people into your space and life.

Via TMZ:

Kenya Moore‘s ex is entering Lindsay Lohan and DMX territory after racking up at least 4 arrests within the last year … TMZ has learned.   We obtained police docs in Georgia that show Matt Jordan‘s first bust came in March when he was pulled over for swerving, but got arrested on an outstanding warrant.  Next up, 2 arrests in June! The first for speeding and driving on a suspended license — and just 2 days later he was back in cuffs for a failure to appear warrant. He saved the best, or worst, for last. In September, Jordan was driving past cops and allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at them. Things escalated and officers ended up firing a Taser into his back, which they say he ripped out and fled into the woods. Cops went to his car, found his ID and arrested him 4 days later for felony obstruction and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Kenya’s also accused him of throwing her clothes out of her house during an argument, damaging her property, breaking into her garage and spray-painting her security cameras. Jordan was not arrested for those alleged incidents.  Jordan’s recently claimed his relationship with the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was mostly fake, and producers just portrayed him as the crazy bf.  His rap sheet says otherwise.

I am by no means a Kenya Moore fan (actually, I roll my eyes every time she appears on my television), but Ray Charles (from the grave) could see Mr. Jordan was a little suspect. Better late than never….

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  • Locsofcolor

    I think he is bipolar… you can see in his eyes that he switches from character to character. he was prob laying that GOOD wood and we tend to overlook the dumb shit when the GOOD WOOD is being served