Ronald Glasser Charged With Manslaughter In The Killing Of Ex-NFL Star Joe McKnight!

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Finally! Although he should’ve been charged immediately!

Ronald Glasser, the man who shot and killed ex-NFL star Joe McKnight has been charged with manslaughter Monday, December 5, after was being released from jail the next day without being charged pending further investigation.

“This isn’t about race. Not a single witness has said…a single racial slur was uttered,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said pounding on a podium during a news conference.

The sheriff said the dispute between the men started on a bridge and proceeded into a New Orleans suburb, with both men driving erratically and yelling at each other. Eventually, the cars came to a stop and McKnight confronted Gasser, who was still seated in his car, the sheriff said. Gasser pulled out a gun and shot McKnight three times, killing him. When deputies arrived, the sheriff said Gasser handed them his gun and said he shot McKnight, 28.  The sheriff said McKnight did have a gun in his vehicle but no evidence suggested he insinuated anything about it. It was his stepfather’s gun, and his stepfather’s vehicle.

So sad. So tragic. OVER NOTHING!!!


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