Marc Jacobs Under Fire For White Models Rocking Dreadlocks At NYFW Show!

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I can assure you that Sir Jacobs isn’t experiencing a HAPPY FRIDAY…..

Marc Jacobs caused an uproar following his New York Fashion Week show on Thursday (one of the highlights of the whole week) when he featured white models rocking faux dreadlocks.

The popular fashion designer was faced with comments like, “did Marc Jacobs really just build a whole fashion show around cultural appropriation? wow” and “why couldn’t marc jacobs hire black models with actual dreads instead of using fake dreads on white people.”

Marc took to Instagram to respond to some of the comments about him using the cultural reference as a trend: “All who cry ‘cultural appropriation’ or whatever nonsense about any race or skin colour wearing their hair in any particular style or manner – funny how you don’t criticise women of colour for straightening their hair.”


He then cleared up said comment with: “of course straight hair isn’t a white thing. I was referring to hair styling and texture for my show and defensive. I apologize if I offended anyone at all. Certainly wasn’t my intention at all.”

Although I respect and adore MJ’s work (he’s one of the greats!), I think the problem lies with (especially in this social climate) his use of predominately white models AND the fact that there is a significant amount of black people who have to change their appearance at work or professional settings just to fit in. Black people have always been “colorful” and bold with our appearances, and these looks are not always viewed as “sophisticated” enough by mainstream outlets. But then an uber successful WHITE male can flip the look, and it can be deemed HIGH FASHION. Could this have been an oversight my MJ? Perhaps.

What are your thoughts, Dancers? Whose side are you on in this argument?

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