PISSED!!! Teresa Giudice Walks Out Of ‘Access Hollywood Live’ Interview – Find Out Why! (VIDEO)

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Teresa Giudice was PISSED OFF during an appearance on  Access Hollywood Live Thursday with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga when the topic of her  husband, Joe Giudice‘s possible deportation was brought up.

“Um, next question, please,” the RHONJ responded. “I don’t think that’s something you should be asking. I’m sorry, I think that’s really rude.” Then her frustrations got the best of her and she blurted out, “As a matter of fact, I’m going to leave.”

Well alright!

Teresa later went on to explain why she walked out of the interview during a new interview with New York Live: “I’m not going to address it. It’s nobody’s business. It’s a legal matter and I’m not addressing it. So if anybody asks me, going forward from here, I’m going to walk off… so don’t even try it.  Because they’ll just make it worse. Everything that happened to me, being in the public eye, unfortunately made it worse for me.  And I feel like if I wasn’t in the public eye, who knows what would have happened. Unfortunately when I first got into this, I didn’t know all of this was going to happen, and I got into it for fun, not to be scrutinized, and to be jabbed at, to be under a microscope. Like, I didn’t know anybody in Hollywood or California, I mean I grew up in Jersey! So I didn’t’ know about any of this. So I really got into it blindly and I was very naïve.”

Teresa, if you’re not prepared for this life, you may want to think about exiting reality television. Just a thought….

Watch the uncomfortable moment below:

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