Wendy Williams Talks Not Socializing With Celebs, Her No-Holds-Barred Opinions & More With ‘DuJour’

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Looking good, Wendy!

Talks show queen (and one of my personal faves) Wendy Williams talks with DuJour magazine for a new feature.

Check out a few highlights from their chat below:

On the results of her no-holds-barred opinions: “Do I get tired of [the backlash]? No. I’ve got a big mouth and I know I have strong opinions. If I’m throwing stones, it’s not shocking if a stone gets thrown back at me. So, I just accept it. What are you entertaining for if you’re not entertaining all the time? You know what I mean?”

On transitioning from radio DJ to talk show host: “I wanted to pass out. I was a mess. I grew up a fat girl in Jersey with low self-esteem. I’m a showgirl, but I wasn’t comfortable with being stared at.”

On being a technological dinosaur and never sending an e-mail: “Never sent or received one. I tell [my son] Kevin’s teachers, ‘Here’s my telephone number. If he acts up, call me. I don’t care if it’s midnight. Because I don’t do e-mail.’”

On not socializing with fellow celebs in order to remain honest: “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure that celebrities put on themselves to fraternize with one another. It’s like, you wouldn’t have been friends with fat Wendy in 10th grade, so why am I going to be hanging out with you now?”

On an important life and career lesson: “If they’re not talking about you, you might as well be dead.”

Image: Stefan Ruiz for DuJour