Wendy Williams Reveals Her Teenage Son Was Hooked On Synthetic Marijuana + Sought Treatment Out Of The Country!



Wendy Williams made the brave decision to reveal to her audience and the world that her teenage son – 15-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr. – was hooked on synthetic marijuana.

This synthetic marijuana – also referred to “K2” or “Spice” – has been making quite the wave as of late terrorizing small towns, major cities and even suburbs.

Wendy held back tears as she revealed that her son was introduced to the drug through a family member. UGH!!!

The talk show host was also honest about her son receiving treatment for the drug outside of the country through a holistic treatment facility, but now is completely on the mend!

WOW! Scary stuff. But BRAVO for her honesty. I hope this helps other families dealing with this very serious and common issue.

*positive vibes*