Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Are Fighting On Instagram Again….(UGH!)

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 Somewhere in a smoke-filled room, Rihanna is smoking on her “ooooh weee” and laughing at you simpletons!

And it goes a lil something like this……

Karrueche Tran recently granted Access Hollywood an interview where she promoted her new show Vanity Series on But of course, NO ONE really cares about Mizz Tran unless it’s related to her volatile ex-boyfriend Chris Brown (sorry, Karrueche…it’s true).

During her sit down, she was asked about her “friendship” with Chris Brown’s baby-momma Nia Guzman, if she wants a friendship with Brown, dating someone famous in her next relationship and more.

Check out a couple of clips below:

Well because he lacks impulse control, Brown replied to her interview on TheShadeRoom‘s Instagram. Here are a couple of screenshots below:



All of that, and then he finishes with “I wish you nothing but the best.”??? ‘Ole bi-polar azz…..

So instead of ignoring Brown, Karrueche just had to reply with her own Instagram post. Because airing out your dirty laundry is soooooo 2015, right?

First off @chrisbrownofficial you just did an interview w Ryan Seacrest in which you spoke about me. My interview w Access Hollywood was not entirely about you.. they asked a question and as a mature adult I answered. I’m not gonna shy away from something that I lived through. I’m talking about my life and experiences. I’m not speaking on you or bashing you (like I easily could). Don’t be mad at me because our relationship is over due to your lack of loyalty. You know what’s weak?? You forcing yourself into my car.. my broken window.. blowing up my phone.. trying to shower me w gifts.. Man the fuck up and change the bs in your life like I’ve told you several times. Since you want to hear about my career – check out @vanityseries every Thursday on Emmy winning @thebaytheseries this Sept and 3 Headed Shark Attack on SyFy next month. Best of luck to you and beautiful Royalty

Well, damn! GATHER HIM, niece (while plugging your shows)!!!

And Breezy ended with:

I’m eternally thankful for you being in a part of my life. I’ve learned so much from you. I wish u nothing but happiness and the best. ?? @karrueche all I was doing was trying to fight for the woman I love. ThanxI learned a lot

Next week he’ll be showing up to your house banging on your windows again. Did you obtain your restraining order yet like I requested, Lady Tran?

And now, a word (tweet) from former 227 star Jackee Harry:


WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You betta SAY IT and SPRAY IT!!!