‘Crossroads’ Reunion: Britney Spears & Zoe Saldana At LAX Together

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Well what do we owe this pleasure?

I mean, what does one do when they are just minding their own business at the airport and suddenly Britney Spears AND Zoe Saldana (and their respective entourages) just zip through without a care in the world?!

Well, that’s what happened yesterday at Los Angeles’ LAX airport.

After starring in the box office bomb Crossroads (well, it was…sorry!) back in 2002, Spears and Salanda were spotted together at LAX catching a flight.

The ladies recently reunited again after Spears “Alien” track leaked sounding less than stellar. Saldana quickly came to her defense, while Spears tweeted, “Thx 4 the kind words.”

More flix of the ladies below:

Images: Twitter