Julie Chen Confesses To Surgery To Fix Her “Asian Eyes” (VIDEO)

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UGH! This makes me sad….

As previously reported, all week the women of The Talk have each confessed to the viewing audience a big secret about something in their lives in what they’re calling their “Big Secrets” segment.

Sharon Osbourne confessed to a fling with late night talk show host Jay Leno, Aisha Tyler revealed her and her husband’s infertility struggles and now Julie Chen has confessed to caving into the pressures of Hollywood to widen her Asian eyes.


Back in her 20s when she worked at a local station in Ohio, Julie asked her news director at the time if she could fill in for anchors who were away on vacation. He replied with, “You will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.”

Shocking, right? But unfortunately, this sort of thing goes on every minute of the day.

She adds, “He said, ‘Let’s face it, Julie, how relatable are you to our community? How big of an Asian community do we really have in Dayton [Ohio]? … On top of that because of your heritage, because of your Asian eyes, I’ve noticed that when you’re on camera, when you’re interviewing someone, you look disinterested and bored because your eyes are so heavy, they are so small.’ It felt like a dagger in my heart,” she says. ”It was racism.”

Damn right it was!

After that, Julie looked for a job somewhere else and was told by a “big time agent”: ”I cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger.”

Julie soon after succumbed to the pressure and got the plastic surgery. “Now, it’s like I sometimes wonder, but I will say after I had that done everything kind of, the ball did roll for me,” Julie adds. “I struggle with, ‘Wow. Did I give in to the man in doing this?’”

Unfortunately, you did. But I refuse to ridicule her for that. If you are not a white woman/man in this country, it’s really hard to understand some of the daily struggles people of color go through JUST TO ‘FIT IN’.

So I have to ask, was Julie Chen’s surgery “self hate” Dancers?!?!?