Paula Deen’s Sons Come To Their Mom’s Defense: She Is NOT A Racist! (VIDEO)

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For those that have been living under a rock, famed celebrity cook Paula Deen has found herself knee-deep in sh*t for her use of racial jokes and even admission of the n-word during a taped lawsuit deposition.

Now, Paula’s two sons – Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen – are coming to their mother’s defense (as they should) about the “absurd” allegations that their mom is a racist.

In an interview with CNN’s “New Day” interview with Chris Cuomo, Bobby says: “Neither one of our parents ever taught us to be bigoted toward any other person for any reason. Our mother is one of the most compassionate, good-hearted, empathetic people that you’d ever meet. These accusations are very hurtful to her, and it’s very sad.” He added, “I’m disgusted by the entire thing, because it began as extortion [the lawsuit] and it has become character assassination.”

Jamie (who has a show on The Food Network) added it’s “ridiculous, completely absurd to think there is an environment of racism in our business, and it’s really disrespectful to the people that we work with. We have strong, educated men and women of character that have been with us for five, 10, 15, 20 years. To think they would allow themselves to be in this position is simply baloney. It’s ridiculous.”

Check out the interview below:

In related news, Paula is expected to explain her side of the story on the TODAY show tomorrow morning. As we previously reported, Paula was a no-show last week due to exhaustion (code for, I’m scared). “See you Wednesday, I am so glad Matt, Al and my friends at @TodayShow are bringing me back,” tweeted Paula. She followed up with, “I want to send love and thanks for the kind words you have all shared with me and my family, and the support you’ve shown me this past week.”