Nike’s Tiger Woods Ad Garners Negative Pushback

It does raise an eyebrow, right?

Tennis great Tiger Woods has a lot to be grateful for nowadays. After his reputation took a major hit back in 2009 when he cheated on his ex wife Elin Nordegren, Tiger has found new love with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and reclaimed the #1 ranking in the world of tennis.

In celebration of Tiger’s #1 ranking, Nike recently released the above ad campaign with a quote from Tiger which reads, “Winning takes care of everything”

Oh, yeah?!?!

Well, needless to say some folks are up in arms about the audacity of both Nike and Tiger. It implies that as long as you are winning, there are some who could care less about the type of man/woman you are.

IMO, I don’t understand the big deal. It’s not like Tiger killed anyone (God, forbid). He slept with half of the women in the USA and got caught and was publicly humiliated. I feel the real genius in all of this is Nike! The business is to get people talking…and they damn sure achieved that!

What are your thoughts, Dancers?