Rap Beef: Lil Wayne V. Pusha T

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Another Day….Another Rap Beef! Are you entertained, Dancers?!?!?

Once again, YMCMB and G.O.O.D. Music are at each other’s throats, most recently was the beef between Drake and Common earlier this year.

And now, the new beef involves Drake/Lil Wayne v. former Clipse member Pusha T.

It all started yesterday when Pusha T dropped a new single entitled “Exodus 23:1” which most perceived that he is taking shots at rap’s good ole boy Drake:

“Beef is when you hide behind them other ni**as/ But they ain’t killas, they ain’t pulling them triggas/ Fuck ni**as”

“Contract all fucked up/ I guess that means you all fucked up/ You signed to one ni**a, that’s signed to another ni**a, that’s signed to three ni**as/ Now that’s bad luck/ Damn that shit even the odds now/ You better off selling this hard now/ You call it living out your dreams/ You can’t fly without your wings”

YEP…he’s talking about Drake!

So. Because again, Drake is a good ole boy who doesn’t involve himself in rap battles (remember….”diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it”), his boss, the Martian himself Lil Wayne, took to Twitter early this morning and put out the following tweet:

Damn! Right before Memorial Day weekend, though? We’re supposed to be grubbing, sippin’ and partying, right?!?!?!? Dah well…..

Pusha T has yet to respond, but if I know black people like I think I know black people…..this is just the beginning!

*sips this large cup of Rock Creek Fruit Punch soda, chock full of ice* WHO MADD?!?!?!?

Oh, in case you wanna hear “Exodus 23:1″…check it out below: