Ummmmmm, I Think It’s Safe To Say That Reality Star Toya Wright No Likey T-Pain!

Let me kick the actual factual to you, Dancers!

So I’m on my usual nosy rummaging on the social networking site Twitter where I come across a very abrasive and shocking tweet from Lil Wayne‘s ex and Memphitz current wife, reality star Toya Wright.

Find out what the tweet said below.

Yeah. Home-girl went hard right?

I’m sure folks are wondering why the screen shot is on what appears to be an iPhone screen, right? Well after tweeting this message, Toya deleted the tweet (because she said her hubby made her) but some follower of hers must’ve saved a screen shot of it.

From what I can gather, singer T-Pain‘s VH1 Behind The Music special aired last night and as soon as it aired, Toya fired off a series of tweets. Apparently her husband and T-Pain are no longer cool and Toya may feel that he in fact discovered T-Pain without his just due being given:

Watching Tpain’s behind the music….. Waiting to see if they give my luv his props.

I said what I said for a reason #trustme But I’m off that……Sips wine

And here are some tweets from Memphitz himself:

LooVe I dont get enuff of it, all I get is these Vampires & Blood suckers, all I see is these niggas I made Millionaires….

Oh! This quote is from Jay-Z‘s verse on Kanye‘s “Monster” single.

When ur Past Fails prepare u 4 Your Future Successes. It All Begins 2 Make Perfect Sense. #MiDDLEFiNGER2MYOLDLiFE. #GODSPEEDAHEAD. #BANG.

And then in an effort to thank his wife for her love shown, he says:

GOD Sent Her To Me. #NowWhoGoNSTopMeHuh??

That’s special!

There is NO BEEF. ABSOLUTLEY NONE. So Stop Looking For It TweepLe. #IMWORKIN‘.

I hate when celebs do this! SIR, your wife just said “FUCK T-PAIN”! Trust me…there IS beef!

Sooooooo, any word from the “Rappa Ternt Sanger”? But of course!

I did a 6hr interview for Vh1 and didn’t control what they cut out. I told the whole story. But if it’s “fuck me” then that’s what it is

If all it takes for you to say “fuck t pain” is havin your part of the story cut out by a network. Then what kind of friend is that anyway

Get at me bra. It’s easy to get on twitter and say fuck t pain but you can’t get on here and say Thanx for 100k and the three cars

It’s all good tho. I’m used to it by now. I just didn’t expect it from you. Good luck with the new show.

You got my number bra. I got a missed call from you two nights ago. So if we gone have a talk I’d rather not do it on twitter yasimelike

Sometimes, all it takes is a small conversation to set the record straight. NOT TWITTER!!! *sigh* Jesus help ’em….