Today’s TWEET Of The Days Goes To….

…..Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes after landing an NBC pilot role with Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

I wanna Thank my castmates from the housewives because u ladies definitely helped me n ways u will never b smart enough 2 know

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! THIS WOMAN is crazy! I can’t…..

But NeNe, if I can interject a smidge. Honey, it’s only a pilot. And for those that aren’t aware of what that is, it’s sort’ve a trial run of sorts. If the networks love it and the viewers check in, then the networks will decide if they pick it up for a full series.

So honey, as much as I live and die for your constant SHADE, let’s take a spoonful of this warm and delicious humble pie. It would be disastrous for your blessings to instantly vanish.

Think about it!

Check out more flix of NeNe below arriving to Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills yesterday:

New money…all up and through!!! I loves….

Here are some shots of her and Glee creator Ryan Murphy she released on Twitter along with some more tweets:

“THE MAN that is changing my life 1 script @ a time Ryan Murphy”

“I gotta get that Emmy baby & this man is helping me make sure that happens”

LOL! This woman is always gonna be who she is. You either LOVE her or HATE her!

Images: FameFlynet; Twitter