Tracee Ellis Ross Is Beyond Chic For “Uptown” Magazine + BTS Video

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Tracee Ellis Ross and all of her FAB-ness (I mean, what do we expect? She is Lady Di’s daughter!) cover the March 2012 issue of Uptown Magazine.

In the spread she talks about her friendship with Kanye West, her mother Diana Ross, her significant other and collecting magazines…

“I have loved magazines since I was a child … And let me explain something, I do not read magazines, I look at the pictures … When I was in high school I would make wish boards. They were feelings and images, not words. It was all fashion.”

Spread + excerpts below…

On her mother Diana Ross: “My mom’s career gave me the benefit of a great life and influenced my style and who I am as a person. I felt afraid about that early on in my career, [but] I am comfortable enough in my own skin now. And Hollywood does not work like that. They will unlock the door, but they sit back and wait to see how you are going to walk through the door.”

On her romantic life: “I am not going to hide my relationship, but I am not talking about it. When you do that, you invite other people and their opinions and issues in. You can’t discover the person on your own.”

Her boyfriend is Akon‘s brother, Def Jam’s music executive Bu Thaim.

WERK, Baby!

On her “lil pad moment”: “It’s the time when you come above water and you are aware of your surroundings. I was thinking: Oh my! This is my life? How did I get here? And better yet, what am I going to do with it?

On her friendship with Kanye West: “Kanye and I are neighbors [in L.A.], so we would see each other. Then we were introduced by a mutual friend, and he asked me to be in the video for his song ‘The New Workout Plan’. We can talk for hours about fashion. His closet is ridiculous. I will see him, and he will look down and ask, ‘Azzedine Alaia?’ and I am like, ‘Yeah.’ When I showed him the clip of me in the Thierry Mugler show, he was like, ‘Shut the fuck up! I am obsessed with those two seasons of Mugler.’ We are good friends.”

Sidebar – I just LOVE Yeezy!

Check out this behind the scenes vid from her shoot:

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Images: Uptown