UPDATE: Tyga Drops The F-Bomb On Twitter!

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When will you DUMB MOFOs learn! If you’re gonna be an ignorant and prejudiced entertainer, do it behind closed doors. That way, you won’t let the Universe know that you’re ignorant. Just my lil piece of advice….

Los Angeles rapper Tyga took to his Twitter account to show the world just how immature he is by tweeting to his over 2 MILLION followers (Yes, 2 MILLI)….

Who runs mediatakeout. Fa**otts,,, trannys or both??? I’ll wait..

Oh, because only “Fa**otts,,, trannys” spread lies right?!?! UGH!

And the sad part about this is, many young folks look up and are influenced by him and his music. Why, I don’t know. But whatevs….

Let’s see what apology comes out of this, because ya know it’s coming right?!

Oh, and I heard….

….well, no need to repeat those rumors. I’ll just log off now.


What did I tell you, Dancers?! So after being called out for his use of the derogatory gay slur by web blogger Perez Hilton and millions of angry people, Tyga responded by saying:

have nothing against gays..Power to what u do.But spreading false negativity is a weak emotion to me.

Oh now I’m 100% convinced this boy is even dumber than I previously thought! So being gay is a “‘weak emotion”?!?!?

Somebody change this fool’s Twitter password and hide it from him.