Drita And ‘Big Ange’ Of “Mobwives” Discuss Beef, Fights & More With “The Breakfast Club”


I MEAN….who doesn’t love this woman?!?!? Have you heard her “laugh”? EVERYTHING!

Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo and friend to the show ‘Big Ange’ stopped by The Breakfast Club‘s New York radio program where the ladies dished on EVERYTHING from the fighting, “the mob”, Big Ange’s “look” and MORE!

  • Drita reveals that when she worked at a makeup counter at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, she was referred to as “Angel” because she was so sweet! HA!!!
  • She also speaks on NOT trying to work it out with her incarcerated husband Lee (even though he wants her back). GOOD!
  • She dives into not being able to film with some of the women due to their beefs! Sad….
  • Big Ange says she could give a fraction of a PHUCK with you people think about her look! WERK, BYTCH!
  • Big Ange (52) reveals that she is in fact MARRIED (werd?) and is in the process of working things out with her husband (who is 38).
  • Drita talks about growing up in the projects in Staten Island with Wu Tang Clan
  • Drita says she’s never dated a black guy (bu would…they don’t find her “meaty” enough) and hasn’t had many sexual partners in her life.
  • Drita addresses her temper and her numerous physical confrontations, explaining that she swung on Karen first because she could “sense” that they were possibly trying to jump her.
  • She breaks down HER side of the story in reference to her beef with Karen.
  • Big Ange breaks down her relationships with all of the women, and says she doesn’t really know Karen and Ramona.
  • Big Ange believes that ALL MEN CHEAT! *co-sign* But I don’t just co-sign this for men only….PEOPLE cheat!
  • Drita lastly speaks on the type of guy that she wants.

These women are a TRAIN WRECK that I can’t turn away from, yes? YES!