Heidi Montag Parties With Hugh Hefner’s Ex Fiance Crystal Harris In Vegas

BARF!!! This is EXACTLY what you do when you’ve just broken up with your fiance! GO TO VEGAS….YEAH!!!

Human blowup doll Heidi Montag and ex fiance to Hugh Hefner (AND aspiring pop princess *side-eye*) Crystal Harris were both on hand enjoying the sun and warm weather at the Wet Republic Pool in Las Vegas on Saturday. Oh yeah, Spencer Pratt was there too. Ewwwwww….

Crystal looks happy, eh? She’s FREEEEEEE!

Apparently, I’m not the only one giving the *side-eye* to Crystal. Hef’s former girlfriend Holly Madison had this to say about Crystal gallivanting to Vegas after calling off her wedding:

“That’s a new low,” says Madison, the former star of The Girls Next Door, in one Tweet.

“That’s disgusting,” she says in another, “and whoever booked her is tacky.”

Yeah, HOLLY!!!

More pics of the blonds under the break….

 She CAN’T be serious, right?
 Hmph! I guess she is…..
 Spencer put on some lbs, eh? GOOD!

Images: Getty Images/Splash/Fame