Spencer Pratt Begs Ryan Seacrest For A Job (AUDIO)!

Ha!!! Keep in mind this is the same guy that cussed Ryan Seacrest out on Twitter for “disrespecting” his wife Heidi. How the mighty have fallen….

Spencer initially contacted radio publicist Amy Sugarman, who admits upon receiving the email, “I knew it was him because I do email with him so I know it’s his email…[and he wrote] ‘ask Ryan if I can intern for him for a month or so, I’m going to be in LA for 5 weeks.” Amy then admitted, “my immediate reaction was he’s a sneaky little bugger…I was skeptical.” Amy further explains the conversation as her response was, “is this for a show?” In which Pratt responded, “no, Heidi has a gig and I’m around and living right near the station,’ and basically he said ‘I’m trying to change my image and make myself more likable.’” All of which Spencer then verified on air himself and explains he believes to do so, “you go from being hated to a little more likable” through working around people whom are liked themselves-and in this case, for Pratt, that’s Ryan Seacrest. Spencer admits, “in the past, I was around more hated people on “The Hills,” and Ryan offers a change of scenery as he’s one of the “most liked” people says Pratt. Spencer also admits, “I’m ready to start a hole new leaf,” even acknowledging, “I need to get a job or something,” as his wife Heidi Montag is busy filming an upcoming reality show and apparently “jumping rope at 4am”?!

Spencer…go play in traffic you DOO-DOO HEAD, DONKEY FACE!!! The recession has hit everyone, eh…..

PS – He sounds so mellow now, doesn’t he? hahahahahahahahahahahaha I find this funny….