Spencer Pratt On Kim Kardashian: She Is Overexposed!

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE phuckin’ nerve!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

In an interview with FOX411, reality star and all around TWAT Spencer Pratt feels Kim Kardashian needs to take a break from the spotlight:

“Kim has totally lost the plot. She should have kept up her good girl act and image. Now we are seeing her whine about all those naked magazine covers and then doing a raunchy Skechers ad. That makes her a hypocrite. She had better be careful. The people who buy her products aren’t guys, they are girls, and girls don’t want to see Kim naked during the Super Bowl.”

Lemme get this outta the way first, although I slightly agree with Spencer (I know, Dancerswe fall down, but we get up), WHY ARE YOU HATING??? Are you upset that NO ONE on planet Earth is checking for your Chewbacca lookin’ azz and your blow-up doll wife???

Boy….have SEVERAL SEATS!!!

The object of the game in Hollywood is to make as much $$$ as you can when you’re HOT! Don’t get mad at Kim K and her sisters because they are doing so! If you managed your money and exposure properly, Speidi….you two could’ve stretched your 15 minites instead of still living in your mama’s basement.

I’m done….