Johnny Weir: "I Knew I Was Gay At 6"

When ya know…ya just know!

Professional skater and all around FABULOUS HUMAN Johnny Weir was a special guest on Lopez Tonight. Of the many things they discussed were his new book, Welcome To My World, and knowing he was gay at the age of 6 years old! WOW!

“[I knew when I was] six. When you’re six, you don’t realize, ‘Oh I’m gay,’ or, ‘Oh I’m white.’ You just know you’re a kid, right?”

“So I was watching Pretty Woman with my family and I desperately wanted to be Julia Roberts, besides the prostitution part,” he added. “And then I realized, OK, Rchard Gere is doing a little too much for me even though I’m six!’

Ha! Sir Weir is too funny…I like his spunk!

Check out the interview above!